Visual Translation for all enquiries

The process of visual translation is instinctive. Often the materials put to use are the nearest at hand. It is an entirely visual language. A language of compulsion.

Floating in Đà Nẵng

23 visual translations of Francisco Lopez’s performance at Cafe Oto, 14/03/2015, 


Canvas Soundscapes

Live visual translation of Laurie Carter soundscapes at Hardy Tree Gallery w/Amalie Russell, Goia Mujalli and Claire Zakiewicz.



A Symposium of Sorts

Commissioned visual translations to document A Symposium of Sorts: A Collaboration of Experts, May 17th, 2013.


A Symposium of Sorts: A collaboration of experts. A day, a symposium, a collaboration (in Leeds) looking at topics surrounding interdisciplinary collaboration, curated by Lydia Catterall. I was invited to visually document via an online live stream, from London. I was bombarded, also, with adverts for the first half of the day – the visual translations springboarded into visual poetics concerning the welfare of forgotten otters and their dead mice feed.

Sans titre


Enemies of the South

Live visual translations made at the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, April 27th 2013.


As part of an ongoing series of visual translations for Maintenant / 3AM / Camarade events and poets, I was invited by SJ Fowler of the Enemies Project to attend Enemies of the South. To Bristol’s Arnolfini, I came armed with a tool box, monkey bag and a copy of Monsters on dvd. This particular Camarade event saw seven wonderful pairings of poets: James Wilkes&David Berridge, Marcus Slease&Jeff Hilson, Claire Potter&Daniel Rourke, Mark Waldron&Tim Atkins, Patrick Coyle&SJ Fowler, Holly Pester&Emma Bennett and Chris McCabe&Tom Jenks. The above visual translation is of Moffer by Holly Pester & Emma Bennett.

There are also Mimi(h).



Commissioned translations during Southbank Poetry Parnassus / Saison Poetry Library residency, 2012.


Visual translations of poetry events made during my artist in residency at the Poetry Parnassus – the largest poetry festival ever staged in the UK . Two series of works: Visual Breakdown and Spirit, alongside over 60 digitally presented works, were shown in the Saison Poetry Library as part of The World Record exhibition.




Published by Very Small Kitchen, 2012.


Listening to the poetry readings from the evergreen event at X Marks the Bökship, 2012 – these translations are a visual outcome (I was not present at this event; my translations are made from recordings taken of each reading). It is an attempt to join the rhythm of how someone speaks, the rhythm of what they are reading – a digestion of words, the breaking down and rearrangement of grapheme into gestural form and of sounds to pigmentation, colour.

This work extends an interest in/with response, expanded notions of reading, translations and continuations between artists, mediums, and occasions. In this relation – and in the act of its own making – such work evidences a deliberate awareness of (a moment in) time, as constraint and form giver…

David Berridge, Very Small Kitchen



Speak Art Writing

published by Bear Press, 2012.


Visual translations* of:

Using oration as a centrifuge, students of the MFA Art Writing, Goldsmiths, spin out ideas of writing in relation to time and the body. Avoiding the limitation of paper based forms they examine the ways writing is received when transmitted through the specificities of place, comedy, film and performance.

Hoa Hakananai’a speaks as Easter Island and describes itself as the landscape, the weather, the history and the culture of Easter Island.

*(mis)interpretations included.


Saint Augustine of Hippo

published by Kitt Press, 2010.


After a period of cutting my paintings up out of frustration, this collaboration w/SJ Fowler was a way of tackling that problem – with artistic intention. The figurative portrait becomes an ecclesiastical series of semi-abstracts, layered with gravestone rubbings and encaustic painting.

A poetic / pictorial collaboration with the artist David Kelly, the book is a love letter to Augustine’s secular lust and apparently disingenuous commitment to chastity. The fragmented abstract of an Augustine icon permeates the poetry.

Live visual translation painting of Saint Augustine of Hippo during its launch @ the Soho Curzon, October 6th 2010. The newly translated works were offered to the audience, as our confessions.



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