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Picardie Vagabonde

Memory Landscapes and poetry published alongside other works & textes of the Picardie Vagabonde Collectif.


to be published by Imprimerie F. PaillartScreen Shot 2015-03-23 at 21.56.31

coming soon in 2015



coming soon in 2015

to be published by Contraband Press

001 greyscale 002


Kakania anthology

published by Polimekanos, February 2015

Erkembode is paired with Egon Schiele. Visual poebs flow.

Kakania is a project that celebrates the culture of Habsburg Vienna a century ago, with commissions from contemporary artists working in poetry, visual art, sound and conceptual art. Kakania involves four events, each in different venues and two publications which were realised in collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum London as part of the Occasions series.




cover art mimih & more,

purchase here:

published by Gigantic Sequins, February 2015

1416006641 copy


Atkins Collected Petrarch / Petrarch Collected Atkins (w/ Tim Atkins)

published by Crater Press, June 2014

comimi 009


Saint Poems (w/ Marcus Slease as a receipt-roll-scroll-in-a-cup.)

published by Bear Press,


David said the till was going crazy spewing out poems instead of numbers for receipts.


Conversational vernacular poems. Sometimes bop prosody of Kerouac Ginsberg. Sometimes Frank O’ Hara Eileen Myles plainspoken. But it’s not on the road. It’s in the bathtub and on the train and hanging in my housing estate in east london docklands etc.

Chris Gutkind got a saintly scroll and hung it across his balcony.


A waterfall.

I was very happy to see poems as waterfall. And as receipt scroll.

IT POPS! (w/ Marcus Slease)

published by Deadwood Press, April 2014

it popsitpops 001

The Archive of Failure

published by Archive of Failure, November 2013

As it evolves the archive will become an unselected and unedited series of visual responses to the idea of FAILURE in its broadest range of senses or deviations. In essence the archive is an experiment in generating a collective visual narrative based upon a single word.




published by VLAK /, October 2013


– – – – – – –


published by Penned in the Margins, 2013

SJ Fowler has Enemies. And the Enemies of his Enemies are his friends.

This ground-breaking, multi-disciplinary collection is the result of collaborations with over thirty artists, photographers and writers. Diary entries mingle with a partially-redacted email exchange; texts slip and fragment, finding new contexts alongside prints, paintings, diagrams, Rorschach blots, YouTube clips and behind-the-scenes photographs at the museum.

The Enemies are

Tim Atkins, David Berridge, Cristine Brache, Patrick Coyle, Emily Critchley, Lone Eriksen, Frédéric Forte, Tom Jenks, Samantha Johnson, Alexander Kell, David Kelly, Sarah Kelly, Anatol Knotek, Ilenia Madelaire, Chris McCabe, nick-e melville, Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, Matteo X Patocchi, Claire Potter, Monika Rinck, Sam Riviere, Hannah Silva, Marcus Slease, Ross Sutherland, Ryan Van Winkle, Philip Venables, Sian Williams




_________________ – – -___________________

Gilles de Rais (w/sj fowler)

published by Like This Press, 2013

An interchangeable narrative reflection on the life and legend of Gilles de Rais, this fusion of avant garde poetry and modernist line drawing aims to satirise and subvert the manner in which the monstrous myth surrounding such de Rais is echoed in our own time by Jimmy Saville. This is the disjunctive folklore of idiot’s resounding through the ages, from 15th century France to 21st century


These barren line drawings are a processed version of events, internal mind flashes of word assocsiaction (in which occasionally Jimmy Saville plays our protagonist: Gilles de Rais). Remembering that even the very first paintings made on cave walls were often created in altered states due to a high concentration of carbon dioxide.


The Primarchs (w/sj fowler) – (£8)

published by Bear Press, 2012

An art and poetry collaboration with poet SJ Fowler. The Primarchs is a collection of imagined manuscripts that document the exhausted, post-battle scribblings of Space Marine woe. The images derive from palaeolithic cave painting, Syrian civil war and Epstein’s Rock Drill. Collaged into primordial composites; The Primarchs could be our dirty future.

Integrated abstraction between artist and poet, a grotesque meditation on the founding fathers of the Warhammer universe… Disjunctive prose poetry that rifles through epic biography and underwear drawers, besplattered with the heavy pink of human fluids



Saint Augustine of Hippo (w/sj fowler)

published by Kitt Press, 2010


After a period of cutting my paintings up out of frustration, the Saint Augustine of Hippo collaboration was a way of tackling that problem with artistic intention. The figurative portrait becomes an ecclesiastical series of semi-abstracts, layered with gravestone rubbings and encaustic painting.


The Rasenna (w/sj fowler)

published by Rattle Journal, 2013

a history of


It’s quite an amusing thing to look
at those two things and put them together.
And you can’t say what their relationship is
except by saying they are both here together.

Jasper Johns


Jurassic Strip (w/sj fowler)

published online by Bear Press, 2012

God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates Man. Man destroys God. Man creates Dinosaurs – Dr. Ian Malcolm
This collaboration came about from our mutal love of Jurasic Park or more integrally, Jeff Goldblum’s outstanding portrayal of Dr. Ian Malcolm. My visual responses to Steven’s poems are essentially some dinosaurs (or ourselves?) running around, confused, in nuclear apocalypse.




Mass Graves: A Visual Guide (w/Daniele Pantano)

to be published by Like This Press,


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