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at Hardy Tree Gallery, London – May 2015



at House Gallery, London, 18th – 23rd December, 2013

Transhumance in the city, animalisms across four art mediums, wholly collective,
fundamentally collaborative – the Wildermenn produce artworks that subvert and

celebrate the rituals and rites which are essentially linked to that which
is forgotten in the sprawl – fertility, procreativity, seasons, elements,
creatureliness and death. Anthropomorphic modernist folk practise from cultures

now unknown find form in sculpture, noise, performance, fragmented poetry and
mud paint.1376575461

w/ Wildermenn collective members Robert Hitzeman, SJ Fowler and Ben Morris.



at the Hardy Tree GalleryBalGgVkIgAAK7CB




@ Galerie L’Usage du Monde, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, France

11 – 20 October, 2013

The Picardie Vagabonde collective has brought together four Picard artists and an English artist to experience a geo-poetic route through the Baie de Somme region.


Series Hutte

Here are a series of geopoetic poems navigating through the Picard region via a diversion of Scotland, England and Syria.  So much English vocabulary is often a mutation of French but ultimately these poems are in want of Picardian. There are undeniable byproducts that this route gave opportunity to explore.

pvvispo5 001


Series Memory Landscapes

“One is always at home in one’s past…”

― Vladimir Nabokov Speak, Memory

MEMORY LANDSCAPES are recollections from the banks of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. Her broad, flat, horizon allows a quiet ground for the subconscious to breath. The ebb and flow of the tide causes the scrolling images to jostle for position, collapse and mould into each other.




Gilles de Rais

/ Estates of Westeros Exhibition @ The Rich Mix, Mon 21st – Sun 27th October 2013

An interchangeable narrative reflection on the life and legend of Gilles de Rais – this fusion of avant garde poetry and modernist line drawing aims to satirise and subvert the manner in which the monstrous myth surrounding such de Rais is echoed in our own time by Jimmy Saville. This is the disjunctive folklore of idiot’s resounding through the ages, from 15th century France to 21st century Britain.

These barren line drawings are a processed version of events, internal mind flashes of word assocsiaction (in which occasionally Jimmy Saville plays our protagonist: Gilles de Rais). Remembering that even the very first paintings made on cave walls were often created in altered states due to a high concentration of carbon dioxide.




Open Work 

at The Albert, 1 Albert Road, London, NW6 5DT: June 25th – 28th 2013.

The aims of Open Work are to engage with the artistic and curatorial collaboration and explore the discourses that will occur during the process. A selection from the Symposium of Sorts series will be exhibited throughout the exhibition.


egg sports


Enemies: Visual Art & Poetry 

Enemies exhibition poster

at The Hardy Tree gallery, London: July 6th – 20th 2013

Paired with Dylan Nyoukis to create an original collaborative piece of visual art that will be a fusion of his lingual/sound work and my visuals – straddling the worlds of visual art, poetry and sound art. Hyper cassette tape mural.enemies-voice-art-59






Darnley Gallery, Hackney, London – 2013




The World Record

Saison Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall, London – 2012



Long Live the Rasenna

My Pixxa, Farringdon, London

July 24th – August 26th 2012

In the grounds of the hot castle



Minimum Security Prison Dentistry

Horse Hospital, Russell Square, London

November 2011





Photomonth, Rich Mix Arts Centre, 2011

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 14.59.02

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