Shiny Family :: Recent News from our ART Contributors!

Gigantic Sequins

GS 6.1 cover artist Erkembode recently launched a redesign of his website!

GS 3.2 comics artist Adrienne Celt’s new novel was reviewed over at Publisher’s Weekly!

Chicago! GS 5.1 artist Holiday Campanella is performing “Puppet Meltdown” at Sea Beast Puppet Company this Saturday, 6/27! Get your tickets!

GS 4.2 artist Anthony Goicolea had work up at Magnan Metz in Chelsea, NYC for an exhibit called A Weekend in the Country, curated by Paul Laster that runs through 8/7.

Check out this comic in the Observer “O Brooklyn, Where Art Thou” by GS 2.1 comics artist Samuel Ferri, who now has a running series of comics in MAD Magazine!

GS 2.1 comics artist shoney lamar plays in NYC tonight 6/22 with his band, The Lady Comes First, and then they play Charlotte, NC tomorrow 6/23!

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