if p then q book launches



Mahu closing event: if p then q book launches
Stephen Emmerson
Peter Jaeger
seekers of lice
Nathan Walker
Chrissy Williams

+ visual art and poetry collaboration

The Hardy Tree Gallery, Kings Cross
27th June 2015, 7.30pm*, Free entry, BYOB
* Peter Jaeger  from 4-7 pm

if p then q is an experimental poetry press which has been publishing cutting edge work since 2008. This event is a chance to both launch the latest crop of if p then q titles and celebrate the final night of Steven Fowler’s Mahu exhibition at The Hardy Tree Gallery. As well as performances by Nathan Walker, Chrissy Williams, Stephen Emmerson and seekers of lice, the event will feature a special, not to be missed, 3 hour performance by Peter Jaeger, as well as a collaborative art workshop with artist and director of The Hardy Tree, Amelie Russell.

The event is free and there…

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2 thoughts on “if p then q book launches

  1. Thank you so much for sending mate,its looks brilliant,and isn’t steve going to write his novel on the walls?god it all sounds so good.will you be able to attend any mate?I really hope so.X
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    • hey stu,

      yeh Steve is gonna write directly on the walls, it is gonna be really really special. i will be there for at least two of the events…i’m doing some live art on the last night, i think, with steve & ben possibly.


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