Just a quick note to say that a new A616 film entitled WARMING is close to completion. Josh Alexander & I started filming for this last summer, under the working title Electric Burdock….the rest of the collaboration has been done via Skype & email between Sicily & Viet Nam.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 18.39.00

Josh & I used to live on either side of Lea Marshes. We’d setup a meeting place somewhere in or around the marshes and see where she’d take us. Editing & production (+ painting + burning, amongst other things) took place in Waltham Village and Landmark Heights, the latter looking out over Hackney Marshes. We had one edit of this film done, I think in August 2014, but we were not convinced that it was ready yet…it needed to breathe more, or have more breathed into it. It was an exciting prospect for us to continue working on the film whilst we were off in foreign lands, to continue collaborating despite distance.

So, it is without doubt that the context of this film’s production is certainly ‘expansive’. We always like to play with Expanded-Cinema, our relationship with those Marshes (memories of it) and all the rest of those whatevers.

We will share this film with you as soon as possible & arrange a viewing of it once we are both back in the UK sometime. We are both very excited.

For now though, why not have a gander at our previous A616 films Breathe Wizard BreathePlease Don’t Leave Your Personal Longings on the Train & for Saints on Film (The Marshes)?

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