a vision of albion


to quote mr. page and plant: ‘years ago, in days of old, when magic filled the air…’ Thousands of years ago there was a group of islands, in future they would be known as alba, albion, england, scotland, wales, great britain and ireland. It was inhabited by two races, one humans of short stature(but not pygmies) with dark hair and light eyes and heavily tattooed(they would become known as picts, who were much like the original finns, finn and aelf being used interchangeably in the earliest norse sagas to define non-monstrous magical beings, much like pict being the root of pixies,pechts,piskie/y,etc.). They possessed a varying degree of magic and high amount of reason/logic. The other, also of short stature(but not pygmies either) were highly magical but did not need or desire reason/logic, the ffayre-ffolke or gude/seelie wychtis. Magic was the major ‘technology’ and stones were sung into a vast array…

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