A Bunny Ode to Ray Johnson


I googled, “when the going gets tough” today because the going is getting rough and I wondered what a search of this phrase might turn up. It came up with an article about matching and bonding rabbits and also with the lyrics to a song by Boyzone so I paraphrased some of my favorites sentences about the rabbits, interspersed with the lyrics, all apropos of nothing at first but then it made me think of a documentary I once watched about Ray Johnson called, “How to Draw a Bunny”.

I like Ray Johnson’s work so I liked the documentary mostly. So inevitably this post turned into an ode to Ray Johnson, and his New York Correspondence School. The going got rough for Ray Johnson. I think he’d actually like this *song*. I guess it’s almost like one of his collages.

NOTE: “A seminal Pop Art figure, Ray Johnson…

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