Wilder has been spewed out of the Thames liquid history, mudlarked and anthropomorphised. The Wilder sculpture was originally planned to dominate the main space of House Gallery so that the surrounding wall hung works and sculptural landscape would communicate with it, support it and ultimately be ravaged alongside it in performance. However, due to unknown stipulations and various snags, Wilder now inhabits the side gallery – hemmed in by an accidental grotto lair. This reminds me of the original inspiration for the form of Wilder – under Southwark Bridge:

20130531_135948 20130531_140000

The gallery is also full of bone piles, clay Wilder babies, visual poetry, subconscious Wilder automatic writings, painting, drawings, film and sounds.


Come and see the Wildermenn exhibition this evening at House Gallery, 70 Camberwell Church Street, London, SE5 8QZ – open till 9pmish.




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