small publishers fair / seekers of lice

Just been to the Small Publishers Fair in Conway Hall, Red Lion Square on my crab lunchbreak. Get yourselves along, it’s open until 7pm and there are readings taking place this afternoon until 5pm.

The Small Publishers’ Fair is an annual celebration of books by contemporary artists, poets, writers and book designers

Really nice vibe in there today.

seekers of lice table was of particular interest to me, I wanted EVERYTHING but I had to settle for just one publication: BIRD CALL.

BZMUiCbIAAA4UHRphotograph taken by amigoamigo SJ Fowler

2 thoughts on “small publishers fair / seekers of lice

  1. Hey mate the small publishers fair looked amazing,did you find anything interesting?x
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    • everything by seekers of lice is incredibly beautiful and well worth the money. I got a book called Bird Call. It’s like a flip book of phonetic bird calls. love it. got it for tiph’s mum.

      how you doing mayte?



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