Saint Sandwich

Krampus came
& Krampus stayed
& Krampus lived in a house full of toys
& infact that house was made out of toys & souls


This evening I am sandwiched between last night’s K R A M P U S NACHT and tomorrow’s S A I N T S  O N  F I L M events – both part of the NOT JUST ANY OLD SAINTS series for my current ERKEMBODE: NOT JUST ANOTHER SAINT solo exhibition at the The Hardy Tree Gallery.

– Marcus Slease, most beautiful of saints, guided us through last night’s K R A M P U S NACHT lair. His covers of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poet Bruce Andrew jiggled the less used portions of our brains for the altered state. It was Flarf/google sculpting. Marcus always melts my mind so that I can think anew.

Then came SJ Fowler and his 4th pugilistica performance. The Erkemkrampus gallery space blacked out, the room divided, Steve showed us poetry at its most kinetic. He interacted with the works on The Wall (hanging several of our collaborative works) Saint Hell and even the bearded head of Gilles de Rais – bloodying the walls. I sat, in front of this dance, completely mesmerised. Steve’s blood is now on the same wall as our Primarchs collaboration – the chance symbolism of this act is too large for me to write it out in this context. Thank you so so much Steve.


Next up was Glass Human Penis. One half of this ensemble are from Giant Burger Band (Joel and Rosie) and the other two: Chris Page (of Closed Circuits) and Lisa (BobbyBawl). Immediately their foil scrunching ripping blowing kicking was a sea of noise that entered me into their domain. Followed by ocarina (my most trusted instrument), cymbal crashes and balloon pluckings. This excursion filled me with joy and I could see that many others in the room felt the same. Can’t wait to watch the video back on this one. &I really hope to see/hear more from this outfit – they, I believe may be the ancestral+mischievous sounds of Mimi Spirits.

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Wrapping the evening up in its mob hands was Closed Circuits, in dedication to Mary Jane Kelly who died 9th November 1888. We filled the space, giving Closed Circuits the centre of the gallery to build his blind-folded realm, a realm in which he took us by the hand, led us through lovebashed crowds to the end of the world. It was an attack on our senses but an attack in which we trusted. It was such a special ending to such a special evening.

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Thank you to everyone that came and everyone that was involved in the event. You are saints, you are Krampus, you are Mimih you are you are you are.

See you tomorrow for S A I N T S   O N   F I L M featuring experimental film/expanded cinema from Josh Alexander, Erkembode, Provokief, Molly Beth White, Marcus Slease, SJ Fowler.


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