The Archive of Failure

proud to have work published in this beautifully uncurated book: THE ARCHIVE OF FAILURE

my contribution to the THE ARCHIVE OF FAILURE is taken from a visual translation series made whilst working with the chocolate monk Dylan Nyoukis earlier this year.

if anyone would like a copy of the book, please let me know or directly with THE ARCHIVE OF FAILURE The book costs £4.40 and the postage cost is £1.20 (so £5.60 in total…wow, check out that fly maths).

As it evolves the archive will become an unselected and unedited series of visual responses to the idea of FAILURE in its broadest range of senses or deviations. In essence the archive is an experiment in generating a collective visual narrative based upon a single word.

The narrative will be generated by whoever feels compelled to contribute. There will be no curating, no overarching ‘quality control’ and no selection process. The pages of the archive will correspond with the order in which submissions are received. These images will formulate an archive on this site and then go on to form a printed publication – later distributed to art galleries across the UK.

All of the works included in THE ARCHIVE OF FAILURE will also soon be made available online.

20131108_121007 20131108_121053-1

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