Armadillo – Dylan Nyoukis & David Kelly-Mancaux

a new triptych of light, sound and heat is developed over the hyper cassette tape mural in front of an audience of armadillo.

two heads joined by woolen wire

Enemies voice art (59)

meeting my Enemies collaborater, Dylan Nyoukis, at The Hardy Tree Gallery on Monday 8th July 2013, was a wonder. we were first up for this Voice Art evening at the Enemies Project exhibition/Hardy Tree Gallery, which for us, was a dark room, a dark room soon became a light room for Dylan when the projection lit up over himself and our hyper cassette tape mural.

we have david kelly & dylan nyoukis so let’s give them a round of applause


 will project film with armadillos and mimi spirits over our triptych whilst you making noises, gonna be hot great

this culmination of our collaboration was a moving experience for me. i projected giant japanese papiermache armadillo bouncing around Dylan and the Mimi Spirits, illuminating, playing. somehow an unspoken was spoken. I had made this film just the night before+sameday, fresh for Dylan’s voiiice union.

Each artist / poet premiered a new work under the criteria that it was acoustic and primarily non-lingual. This event attempted to evidence the relationship between the artforms of avant garde sound poetry and experimental music & sonic art as so close as to quite obvious be stompings in the same ground.

Here Dylan Nyoukis performs in tandem with the video art of David Kelly, whom he collaborated with in the exhibition itself.

Enemies voice art (22)

just to let you know that our triptych is up on the walls and gonna nail them cassettes to them

Enemies voice art (26)

rome was great, spent the entire time in this neighbourhood that passolini came from and made his movies around,, nice and squalid

Enemies voice art (23)

devon has been really great, have been able to remove the brain from my head


I just want a pickle


blue and red and red and blue and green and blue and red. a sister’s eight birthday party. italian horror. political bilgepumps. pet armadillo. a ghost mother. lightning. lightning. now then now then.

a few days later Dylan & I met in Brighton and played a hot game of boules. gravel court mimih.

boules shit


thanks to ©Alexander Kell + Tiphaine Kelly-Mancaux for documenting with photographs and video + Marcus Slease for being the 
dream evenings host + SJ Fowler for organising it.

2 thoughts on “Armadillo – Dylan Nyoukis & David Kelly-Mancaux

  1. Absolutly loved it,lovely sentiments,and stunning photography from alex,genius pick of you and it mate


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