Enemies at the Hardy Tree Gallery – Opening Night // Gimmie a Pig Foot // videos

4 x pairs of artists

the evening of events began with a video that i made in response to dylan&i’s visual/sound piece:

Gimmie a Pig Foot

 it was screened over that very painting, and Am I Thingking What You’re Thingking?, illuminating it’s mimi spirits, it’s teeth, hannah, montana – video&painting playing with and becoming each other.

originally I had planned on showing a scratched-paint-pulled-stretched-burnt super8 film but my projector died the day before the opening and I did not want to use another. chance allowed me to create this new fresh video for Gimmie a Pig Foot and for that I am pleased.

160 mutual friends, soil triffid

after this film showing I supplied some Buddha Machine backdrone for my Viking friend SJ Fowler, for all this it is him I must thank. He read the poems which hung on the wall beside him,

jelly tot poems, squished.

and then champion  Iain Sinclair, collaborater of Ragnhildur Jóhanns, read his poems of Icelandic ash and spoke of the Hardy Tree

the words are actually emerging like tongues out of the various books she chose

Marcus Slease and Ben Morris performed their acousmatic tin tin and blew us all away with bearded london thames dada preacher boy beauty ham

mudlarking! it’s a lark, it’s not a bark, it’s the passage of the aardvark.

then we went downstairs and spoke to the space machine

thank you so much to everyone that attended that evening and to tiphaine kelly-mancaux for filming the performances, twas a joy all round.

no fuss

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