wilder meeting: wapping

20130609_111042another brilliant mudlarking session early this morning(9thjuly2013) with Robert Hitzeman, for materials for Wilder collaboration//collective ‘Wildermenn'(david kelly, robert hitzeman, sj fowler, ben morris) for the thames-monstrosity-sculpture-soundinstallation-performedatWilder, this time Wapping. London was cold this morning after loosing yesterday’s sun. All I could see for a while was jaw jaw jaw/s, so I laid some out on the sands and  spine.
20130609_11104220130609_111042wapping wall, hangman’s noose, rubberrr and caged place for animali to rest forever at the top of the steps – Chinese restaurant/Thames views and fishbloodpaint.

the tide will take it back if you’re not looking.



rope has become a most valuable material for Wilder; it is a shame about the wookies phallus because we were jawas down there underneath the warehouses, but a jawa without a sandcrawler cannot carry as much as jawas would like.



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