Damir Šodan (rhythmically in foam)

The sea breeze had died away with the cooling of the land, and it was that breathless time of night when air pressures over island and ocean were evenly balanced. Not many miles out at sea the trade winds could blow, as they blew eternally, but here on the beach a humid calm prevailed. The long swell of the Atlantic broke momentarily at the first hint of shallows far out, but lived on, like some once vigorous man now feeble after an illness, to burst rhythmically in foam on the beach to the westward; here, where the limestone cliffs of the Samaná peninsula began, there was a sheltered corner where a small watercourse had worn a wide gully in the cliff, at the most easterly end of the wide beach. And the sea and surf and beach seemed to be afire; in the dark night the phosphorescence of the water was vividly bright, heaving up with the surf, running up the beach with the breakers, and lighting up the oar blades as the launches pulled to shore. The boats seemed to be floating on fire which derived new life from their passage; each launch left a wake of fire behind it, with a vivid streak on either side where the oar blades had bitten into the water.

C. S. Forester, Hornblower  Goes to  Sea


painted today

in mind

of paint

my dear

ray johnson

a foam sea

near olib zadar




3 thoughts on “Damir Šodan (rhythmically in foam)

  1. Mate the sheer breadth of your work puts me and am sure loads of others to shame,you work so hard and your work to me is awesome,I mean it.am in awe.


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