Synesthesia exhibition

huge thanks to Gabrielle Cooper for curating the Synesthesia exhibition at the Darnley Gallery. P1030541
it was an honour to have the Gilles de Rais series – a ‘fusion of avant garde poetry and modernist line drawing’ collaboration with SJ Fowler (published by Like This Press) – hanging so gracefully in this exhibition. P1030465 photography by ©Alex KellP1030477P1030469 P1030470 P1030473 P1030474 P1030476 P1030529stones from the beaches of Gilles de Rais, to weigh them down, to keep them taut


SJ Fowler, friend, bear, poet.


Exhibiting Artists:
Alex Grey • Callum Russell • Christian Patracchini • Fiona Grady • Francesca Marcaccio •
Hannah Luxton • Klaus Pinter• Laura Hathaway • Myrto Williams• Natasha Sabatini• Paul
Chirnside • Robert Hitzeman • SJ Fowler• Ben Morris • David Kelly


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