Enemies // David Kelly & Yang Lian

It is an honour to announce that I am partaking in a visual art & poetry collaboration with Yang Lian for the Enemies Project, culminating in an exhibition at the Hardy Tree Gallery.

Enemies: Visual Art & Poetry –The Hardy Tree gallery, London: July 6th to 20th 2013 http://hardytreegallery.com

Beginning in February 2013, four poets will be paired with four artists and given six months to create original collaborations which straddle the worlds of visual art and poetry. In July 2013 these original works will be exhibited in a two week long exhibition in the Hardy Tree gallery in St Pancras, London. As well as an opening night launch, Enemies: Visual Art & Poetry will see over ten poetry events curated in the gallery space by invited parties over the two weeks residency, shining a light on the most dynamic and creative poetic organisations and artists active in London.

examples of our butterfly-class of exile collaboration thus far,

let’s think from the shacking wings of the butterfly…..




Eirikur Orn Norddahl & Ben Morris
http://norddahl.org/english/  http://www.myspace.com/chora​

​Ragnhildur Johanns & Iain Sinclair
http://ragnhildurjohanns.carbonmade.com/ http://www.iainsinclair.org.uk/

​SJ Fowler & Thomas Duggan
http://www.sjfowlerpoetry.com http://www.thomasduggan.co.uk​


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