duck & cake is back on the map

photograph © alex kell

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duck and cake is truly





and to celebrate we’re publishing one of our most popular submissions.

it has be little under a year since the launch of duck and cake and in many ways it’s been our most successful year to date.

The debate which accompanied and resulted from are you feeling polish? still proves to be controversial but has become a hallmark of what Duck and Cake stands for. As an editior sometimes ones is forced to make difficult decisions I still stand by my choice to discuss this issue.

SJ Fowler and David Kelly are bastions in their relative fields. Their talent is matched only by their enthusiasm. It is a honour to know them and it no exaggeration to say that without their help and friendship Duck and Cake would not be in the position it is in today. It is with great pleasure that we at Duck and Cake have the privilege to publish their first ever collaborative dumpling related work. Their explorative piece “Jen Cafe” breaks though and out of many of the typical and trite commentaries which all too frequently accompany Chinese culinary criticism. With great excitement allow me to introduce “Jen Cafe.”

where did we go? Jen Cafe, Chinatown

who did we go with? Steven J. Fowler, the poet

what did we talked about? home-wreckers, China, Turkish work visas for foreign workers, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and the cabbagey-intestinal smell that grew around us

what did they claim? veh nyce domplin’

what did we think? this was the first time I have ever actually sat in this restaurant. I normally ask for dumplings to take away and wait outside for them because I find the staff really fucking rude. In a nutshell: good £5 dumplings/shithole.

rating: 1 for general shodiness / 4 for dumplings


Catherine Carncross // David Erkembode Kelly

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